Tish Czachor
Canine Cancer Events Manager
Morris Animal Foundation

Dear Dog Lover,

Our K9 Cancer Walk program continues to gain momentum-and we're thrilled that dog lovers throughout the country are coming together to fight canine cancer. It's been a great year for the cancer walks, and your support in Los Gatos made that event the most successful K9 Cancer Walk to date.

On December 5, we held the 1st annual K9 Cancer Walk in Coconut Creek, Florida. Nearly 400 people participated and raised nearly $40,000 for canine cancer research. It was a great finish for 2010, and the momentum will continue in 2011. On May 7, 2011, we will celebrate the 3rd annual K9 Cancer Walk in Elk Grove, California.

We'd like to share with you more about how donations raised through walk participation are being used to help dogs enjoy longer, healthier lives.

Recent Cancer Successes

Recent studies show that macrophages may actually stimulate tumor growth by inhibiting the immune system's ability to launch a response against the tumor. A recently completed Foundation-funded study indicates that the drug liposomal clodronate may have antitumor effects. Read more.

Metronomic therapy, a novel method of administering chemotherapy that involves frequent, low-level doses of chemotherapy rather than higher doses given at longer intervals, may improve treatment response and decrease side effects. Results of a recent study indicate that this type of chemotherapy could significantly decrease side effects and may increase survival rates of dogs with cancer. Read more.

New Cutting-Edge Research

Morris Animal Foundation is currently funding more than 25 canine cancer studies that are looking at prevention and treatment of numerous types of canine cancer. Click on the links below to read full descriptions of just a few of our new cancer studies.

* Evaluation of Cyclopamine as a Therapy for Canine Bone Cancer

* MADGiC: Making Advanced Discoveries in Golden Cancers

* Using Human Diagnostic Tools to Identify Liver Cancers

* Enhancing Drug Treatment of Bladder Cancer

We simply could not fund this critical work without your support and
involvement. Our small-animal study sponsorship book has just been
released. If you would like more information about canine cancer study
sponsorship opportunities, please e-mail me directly at

We appreciate your support of Morris Animal Foundation's Canine
Cancer Campaign and look forward to seeing you next year! I hope you
will also visit to learn about the
studies we are funding to help cats, horses and wildlife worldwide.


Tish Czachor
Canine Cancer Events Manager
Morris Animal Foundation